How ’bout… Us

Ana (as written by Ryan):

Dog loverImagine hair. Make it big. Make it wavy. Now put a  face in it. A face that can’t see very well. That’s Ana. Her hair gets everywhere, and when I say everywhere, I mean EVERYWHERE! I reach for my phone in my pocket, what do I pull out with my phone? A hair. I take my clothes out of the washing machine, and what’s attached? That’s right… A hair! EVERYWHERE! But don’t worry, her good looks, intelligence and humour make up for it!

Ana’s native to Madrid (a true Gata), so obviously speaks Spanish a lot better than I do. I speak like a child, she speaks like that’s her first language, because it is. She also speaks English extremely well. I also speak English like a child, she also speaks it as if it was her first language. God damn!

Ana is interested in things, lots of things. One of her biggest passions is training dogs, which she seems to be pretty successful at by looking at how well behaved her mums dog Chispa is. She also loves anything to do with design, travel, food, animals… The list goes on. But for me, the passion of hers that I most enjoy, is that of having fun! She loves a laugh, me encanta!

Ryan (as written by Ana):

Ryan looking miserable as usual

Habéis visto a Darek alguna vez? si… el que se hizo famoso por salir con Ana Obregón… bueno pues yo no me parezco en nada a Ana Obregón (gracias al cielo) y (gracias al cielo otra vez) él sí se da un aire a Darek… la vida, que es así de caprichosa.

Descripción general: Inglés atípicamente atractivo, ojos que te engullen, voz que te hipnotiza y una inteligencia, humor e ingenio abrumador.

Idiomas: Inglés, of course. Español, poco a poco. Un petit peu de francés y por último indonesio (lenguaje útil dónde los haya).

FAN absoluto de los Fish fun facts y de la electricidad, y no, no hablo de que le gusten las mantas rayas eléctricas, a pesar de que tengan suficiente potencia como para matar a un caballo! (ahí va un Fish fun fact), sino que su pasión es el submarinismo y sus estudios tienen que ver con la electricidad.

Viajero empedernido, y gracias a ello nos conocimos. Sri Lanka marcó un antes y un después en su vida. ¿Quién dijo que viajar no era mágico?

Ryan es mi valiente favorito.


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