Ocean health: Tuna

Scanning through my Facebook feed, a post by MarineBio.org‘s Facebook group popped up, and what I saw was quite shocking!

A new study has found that the stock levels of Pacific Bluefin Tuna have dropped by 96.4% since they started surveys a few decades ago! The article can be found here.

Image by NOAA.gov

Image by NOAA.gov

That’s a massive decline. As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, the number of wild tuna I’ve seen while diving has been minimal.

With these numbers for the Pacific, and the knowledge that the Atlantic cousin of this fish is also in massive decline, to the point it’s having to be farmed, is enough for me to try and stop eating tuna!

I’ve never boycotted anything before, but this seems like a valid cause to me!

I’ve been diving this week, and have another month of it coming up, and it pains me to see small shoals of fish, that if not quite as fished, would be so much more populated.

I’m not saying to people that you should stop eating tuna, that’s not my style, but if you can think of the repercussions and check the source of any fish you eat when you purchase it, we may one day be able to restore some of the populations of fish that have been reduced to all but nothing.


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