Ocean health


BBC News – Health of oceans ‘declining fast’

I’ve just seen the above article on the BBC News website, and just want to highlight the poor state of our oceans and pass on a very simple message.

While diving in Indonesia I saw a lot of plastic rubbish floating in the sea, and in turn read a lot of articles about animals becoming injured or killed due to this.

The next thing that I saw a lot of in Indonesia, and that is also happening a lot closer to home, is that of people eating certain types of fish that are becoming harder and harder to source rather than eating fish that are in abundance. While in Indonesia, the 2 most readily available fish there were tuna and snapper. In the 80+ dives that I did there I saw thousands of trevally, not so many snapper, and only 2 wild tuna! To me, trevally was tastier and should be used as an alternative.

Another thing that I have seen a lot of is coral bleaching. Coral which should be bright orange, brown, blue, any number of colours was bleached white. The coral bleaching is due to sea temperatures deviating from the norm, and one of the causes of this is global warming.


So in reflection to the above, please just bare in mind that plastic doesn’t belong in nature, so please recycle whenever possible. Please also try and only use fish which is responsibly sourced. And in addition to this, please just try and be a responsible person – industry isn’t going to cut down on its global warming impact any time soon, so if each person can help a little bit, hopefully we can slow down the degradation of our planet and our oceans.

Enjoy our oceans! There’s a lot of fun to be had from them, and when you do, you’ll see first hand what impact we have on them.


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