Fish Fun Fact: Peacock mantis shrimp!


Since I begun diving, I’ve become more and more fascinated with everything under the sea. Everything under there is unbelievably specialised, they all have their role in how the marine ecology, and how the world works as a whole. But saying this, we all have our favourites! And one of mine is the peacock mantis shrimp!

These guys are ridiculous! And now I’m going to tell you what the can do! But unfortunately, this can’t be done in a standard way, I have to stick to my principles, and tell you them in a way that people have begun to know me for… Fish Fun Facts! So here’s just a couple which I think are pretty amazing!

Who are you looking at?

Fish Fun Fact No. 28746: Peacock mantis shrimps can see with 16 colours! More than any other animal in the world! Humans can only see 3.

Fish Fun Fact No. 3477589.2: Peacock mantis shrimps have the fastest punch in the animal kingdom. This punch is so fast, it creates an cavitation bubble underwater which can’t sustain itself, creating a mini explosion and therefore a SECOND impact!


If you like these, I highly recommend checking out a brilliant comic on, it’s full of information and will hopefully make you laugh too. You can find the comic at this link:



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