Paradox: happy, so why the miserable face?

26th December 2012, I set off on my life changing trip. I’ve travelled before, but never on this scale.

I had a skiing holiday arranged in Bankso, Bulgaria with my friends over the New Years period, and beyond that, a one way ticket to Bangkok, Thailand from Istanbul, Turkey (only a train ride away). I was going travelling… I was going travelling solo… I was shitting myself!

Unknown to me, this would be the best decision I’ve ever made. I’ve met so many different people, learnt new skills, and totally developed as a person, and now know a lot more about who I am and what I want from life. My priority in life isn’t to have a big house, nice car and lots of money, mine is to simply be happy, wherever and whoever I find it with.

Right now, I’m quite possibly the happiest I’ve ever been. To anybody who knows me on facebook though, this may not seem the case. Why? Because in most of my photos I look miserable!

Over the past 9 months, not only has my happiness massively improved, but also my ability to pull one serious miserable face, and all this was down to a request in the comments of the below photo from a friend back home, Ollie, simply saying “i wana see this face in every single country please”.

Jan '13 - Istanbul, Turkey... Miserable face no. 1

Jan ’13 – Istanbul, Turkey… Miserable photo no. 1

After over a week in Bansko, Bulgaria, waiting for a dump of snow, I headed to Istanbul, via Sofia, only discover that the place was being ravaged by snow! Hence photo number 1!

Ever since I posted this photo on facebook and recieved Ollies comment, I’ve honoured his request and take a photo with a miserable face everywhere I’ve been! There’s approximately 20 of them, give or take, but here I’ll only post 3. The original, one from Angkor Wat, Cambodia, and one from the previous weekend.

Feb '13 - Angkor Wat, Cambodia... Miserable face no. 6

Feb ’13 – Angkor Wat, Cambodia… Miserable photo no. 5

I definitely have mixed feelings about the above photo. One being, why the hell did I not take a normal photo as well as this one? I have very few photos of myself smiling with these places of great importance! But on the other hand, I can write a story about this now, and I don’t know whether these places would be as well ingrained in my mind without these stupid reminders.

But as time went on, and my embracing of the miserable face progressed, I learnt 2 things. The first thing being, always take a second photo, where you look a little happier. And the second thing, a miserable photo always looks a million times better when with a miserable faced partner in crime, thank you Ana.

Sep '13 - Toledo, Spain... Miserable photo no. 20

Sep ’13 – Toledo, Spain… Miserable photo no. 20


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